Autumn is the season of transition and symbolic for a time of self reflection. As the final leaves fall to the ground and winter turns, our activity also transforms to dormancy. This is a great time for introversion and contemplation in preparation for the renewal that Spring brings.

In the marketing universe, it signifies a time for continuing education in order to adapt and grow with changes in technology. In my world, it involves burying my head into research, design trends and innovations that are also constantly changing. For your business, this could mean adapting your marketing strategies which may necessitate a brand refresh.

When to refresh your brand?

A brand refresh is like a renovation of your company. It doesn’t mean completely demolishing the building and starting from scratch. It involves making slight changes to position yourself among newer brands.

Keepin’ it fresh! By doing so, you:

  1. Maintain the integrity of your brand.
  2. Inject a burst of energy into the business.
  3. Ensure your image stays current and relevant in an ever changing marketplace.
  4. Reach new customers.

It is important to know when it’s time to refresh your brand. Here are a few indicators:

  1. Your logo is outdated: Just like clothes go out of style, graphic design elements and colors do as well. At, Verve Studio we use a 5 year logo revisit which means every 5 years you should discuss your logo to determine if it’s still relevant.
  2. Your products or services have changed: Anytime you change your products or services you need to discuss a possible brand refresh. This does not necessarily mean that the logo needs to be changed drastically it could be something simple such as updating your color palette.
  3. You’re not reaching your target audience: If you are not reaching your target audience chances are your business has not seen steady growth. It could also point to a need for research to determine if your target audience needs a change. In either case, a brand refresh may be in order.
  4. You’re planning for growth: Planning to grow and expand is the perfect time for a brand refresh.
First Federal Credit Union Brand Identity

When going through this process it is important to maintain brand consistency, especially for businesses that have an established and well recognized brand. Verve Studio recently collaborated with First Federal Credit Union for their company re-brand. It has been set in motion along with a new location set to open this fall, new signage, website and a fresh logo and brand guide. First Federal recently celebrated 90 years in the community and with a fresh new outlook, will be here for years to come.

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