For brand agency clients, to open a support ticket click the button below. Please explain to the best of your knowledge, the issue you are encountering. Be as specific as possible including what was happened leading up to the issue.

We respond to all support inquiries within 48 hours during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9-5 pm). In most cases, the service fee is $25. If we determine the issue is substantial, you will receive an estimate prior to service. We will respond by email to the email address provided when the service is complete.

What form of payment do you accept?2023-01-26T18:23:19-06:00

We accept the old-fashioned check and money order. Our invoicing is done via QuickBooks Online so you are also able to pay by credit card from your online invoice. We do not currently accept payments over the phone.

I need better images, well written website pages and ad copy. Can you recommend copywriters and help with photography?2023-01-26T18:23:19-06:00

We know some excellent copywriters and can provide an estimate for your next project. We provide photography services in-house and also as a collaborative experience. Some of our partners have a different style and we can match you with the right one for your project.

Now that I have a new logo and website design, can you help me with printing and website hosting?2023-01-26T18:23:19-06:00

Yes and yes! We work with some awesome local printers and can provide an estimate for your next project. We also provide hosting and domain services if you do not have this already. We’ve got you covered!

How do I check on the progress of my project?2023-01-26T18:23:19-06:00

From our Client Portal, clients can track the project progress by viewing proofs, checking deadlines and submitting feedback, approval and revisions. The client portal simplifies project management by limiting the hassle of lengthy contracts and minimizing proofing confusion due to missed emails. Everything is at your fingertips and accessible anywhere/anytime!

Do I get a vector file for my logo once it’s created?2023-01-26T18:23:19-06:00

YES, you get EPS (vector), jpeg, png, and a word file that works like clipart. Logo design can be used to complete stationery and brand marketing – including business card, letterhead, envelopes, brochure design, websites, direct mail, email marketing, mailing labels, presentation folders, and any other assets your business may require.

What is the client’s involvement in the project?2023-01-26T18:23:19-06:00

As a non-agency creative studio, we value your input and encourage you to bring in any samples, color combinations/swatches, and ideas that may help communicate your vision before starting to work. During the creative process, the client is asked to approve certain visual aspects before work continues. Once the project is complete, we submit a final proof for the customer’s approval before finalization and implementation whether it be print/web/video. Once a job is in production, the job cannot be canceled. At the conclusion of a design project, the client may request artwork in various formats.

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