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We don’t just collaborate – we catapult businesses, marketing OG’s, and creative minds into the stratosphere of awesomeness. At Verve, we wield the power of branding and content creation like wizards with laptops, crafting digital and print marketing magic. Logo design? Check. Website design? Double check. Video production? Triple check. Social media strategy and content creation? You better believe it’s a check and a half! We’re not just armed with tools; we’re equipped with a creative arsenal that would make the Avengers jealous.

Got a logo that’s looking as outdated as a cassette tape in an iTunes era? Whether you’re a newbie in the business world or an experienced maverick looking for a refresh, Verve’s got your back. Tired of playing small and ready to rock the branding and marketing universe with creativity, confidence and swagger? Verve is your sidekick. We’re on a mission to turn social media marketing and branding from being scarier than a clown convention at midnight into something as approachable as a basket of fluffy kittens.

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Wannette Doerrfeld
Wannette DoerrfeldMultimedia Ninja

I’ve got analytical skills sharper than a ninja’s sword, the managerial prowess of a CEO, and technical knowledge that might border on wizardry. And just when you thought old Dumbledore was done, I’ve got solid roots in visual art and design, like a tree that grows masterpieces. Whether I’m starting at the very beginning or diving deep into the nitty-gritty, I’m all about turning chaos into symphonies of functional, creative, and successful solutions.

So, to put it in simpler terms: I’m your go-to problem-solving rock star who can dance through strategy and creativity like Beyoncé. I’m the unicorn you didn’t know you needed, sprinkling a little magic on your projects to make them shine brighter than a disco ball at a space party.



As a creative studio, we play a crucial role in helping businesses establish and enhance their brand identity. We begin by understanding your business, its values, goals, target audience, and competitive landscape. Next, we work with you to create a clear and comprehensive brand strategy that defines your brand’s positioning, messaging, and unique selling propositions. Add a dash of whimsy, a sprinkle of social psychology, and a whole lot of design magic and our mad tea party of creativity is complete!


Branding and visual identity are among the most important aspects of a successful business. We will create and help define a brand for your business that is consistent, creative and that differentiates. We offer logo design, website design, brand guidelines, marketing collateral and social media templates.


We create websites with two concepts in mind: simplicity and usability. Coded for fast loading, ease of use and simple upgrade in the future, website design is part of our brand identity service. SEO is included in our virtual marketing service to improve website visibility and help your business connect with customers.


We collaborate to create a comprehensive plan outlining how your business will create, publish, distribute, and manage content that achieves specific goals and objectives. We offer ongoing creative support with our virtual marketing services, or we empower you and your team to execute the strategy.


Marketing and content creation begins with strategy and understanding your audience. We have a passion for creative imagery, moving and still, print and digital. Verve has the tools and skill set ideal for creating beautiful content on-the-go.

While we have you covered from brand identity to strategy and execution, we are also NOT a few things. We are not here to make you go viral. If you want influencer marketing, we ain’t that. Our motto: Don’t be an influenza. Be the remedy. We are not a replacement for a marketing team, we are an extension of it. Verve is a collaborative studio and as such, we require your equal commitment to make the partnership successful. We do not offer website development outside of our brand services. Website development is included in our brand identity service along with logo design and other marketing collateral. We do not offer these services separately. If you’re looking for any singular service, we are glad to offer referrals. If you’re smelling what we’re cooking, book a consultation.








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Collaborative – We value diversity of thought, style and background. When creatives come together working towards a common goal it allows for better problem-solving. Collaborative environments spark creativity and ensure creative and successful solutions.

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Juice – Creativity is a journey from which we return to communicate the extraordinariness of the simplest, most everyday acts. Your social media content must captivate, inspire, educate and motivate an audience. “Gotta blame it on my juice, baby!”

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Simplicity – Why make things complicated when they can be so simple? This is our primary focus but, beware! Simple does not mean easy and that’s why we love it. We welcome a challenge! And forget about chasing the algorithm. Our sustainable content strategy approach focuses on long term results, which requires what?

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Human – It’s easy to forget that we are humans. After all, we’re those techy folks doing computery things on the internets to create awesome logos, websites and content for you.  We actually don’t like to be perceived this that way. We want to get to know you and value lasting relationships.



In the Studio – Adobe Creative Cloud certifications is where it’s at from Illustrator and Dreamweaver to Premiere Pro, After Effects and everything in between.

On the Go – Equipped with everything from drones, gimbals fitted with full frame cameras to pop-up studio equipment. Our tools and skillset are ideal for creating beautiful content on-the-go.

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Verve is a creative studio located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, serving the Midwest and beyond. We collaborate with business owners, creatives and marketing agencies to help companies define their brand with creative services that produce digital and print marketing results.

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