Top 10 ways to build brand awareness

Brand awareness is an important aspect of any successful marketing strategy. It helps businesses to establish their presence in the market and build recognition among their target audience. What is brand awareness? Brand Awareness is the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular

Top 10 ways to build brand awareness2023-04-06T17:19:44-05:00

Brand Management vs Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Branding is the heart of strategy. Marketing is executing the strategy. Brand Management is the ongoing work done to maintain a consistent brand identity. It starts with creating your brand identity but it doesn't end there. What is Brand Management? Branding is the heart of strategy. Branding is who you are.

Brand Management vs Marketing – What’s the Difference?2022-12-15T16:15:24-06:00

Top 4 Social Media Branding Tips

With many more tools available that empower small business owners to create their own content, it's important to recognize that social media branding must be paired with a sound strategy to thrive.  What is social media branding? Social media branding is the process of using social platforms to engage with an audience

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The Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

When starting a website, shared hosting is often the cheapest and most economical option out there. It's a great choice for website owners with a small budget, or those just getting started online. While the small investment and lack of maintenance requirements make shared hosting an intriguing option, it's important to be aware

The Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting2023-04-14T11:08:44-05:00

How to unlock your creativity?

Unlocking your creativity requires practice and patience which means that anyone can be creative. Don't believe the myth that creative people are born that way so that means I can't be. Those deemed naturally creative may have some genetic and experiential advantages but all of us are innately creative. As we grow

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How much does video cost?

Welp, that depends on many factors. What type of video are you creating? How long will it be? How large of a crew will it require? What equipment is needed? What locations will be used? Do you need to hire talent? Do you need graphic animation? How much time is required to edit

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Marketing Terms You Need To Know

Are you tired of sitting in marketing meetings without the slightest clue what the marketing team is talking about? I mean, it sounds like they are speaking another language at times. So many abbreviations and acronyms and they all sound the same! Yet, they are not the same and are actually super

Marketing Terms You Need To Know2020-11-23T15:42:01-06:00

What are vanity metrics?

Vanity metrics make you look good to others but don't help you understand how your business is performing online in order to inform future strategies. Let's use the man pictured above taking a selfie as an example...Handsome, right? Let's imagine he is a personal trainer trying to grow his business. He took

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