DIY Montessori Fraction Circles

When I ran out of fresh math activities and materials for my 4-year old, I searched for ideas online to keep her engaged during COVID-19 social distancing. Fraction circles looked doable however, as a Montessori parent I knew how expensive the sensorial classroom materials were (Nienhuis Montessori Fraction Circles are a whopping $279.60).

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The Basics of SEO

SEO, or “search engine optimization”, involves increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic. This increase in website traffic that SEO produces creates exposure for your brand through non-paid or "organic" search engine results. The most important thing to know about SEO is it's really about understanding what your customers are searching

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Logo Design

Last year’s post about Visual Identity explained that branding involves more than just the logo design. Although it’s just part of the bigger picture, make care should be given to creating the visual symbol for your business.

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Visual Identity

Contrary to popular belief, branding involves more than just the logo design. There are many aspects of creating a brand identity. Arguably, the most important aspect is visual identity. The visual identity of a brand includes the logo and so much more.

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Visual Storytelling

Over the last decade, marketing has shifted from selling products to inspiring customers to be your best sales people with storytelling. Many small businesses are still adapting to this change and what initiated that change: The internet.

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Brand Refresh

Autumn is the season of transition and symbolic for a time of self reflection. As the final leaves fall to the ground and winter turns, our activity also transforms to dormancy. This is a great time for introversion and contemplation in preparation for the renewal that Spring brings.

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