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Mother of Gremlins, Wife of Stefan, Owner of Verve Creative Studio, Multimedia Ninja, Model, Former Baller...Master in the art of being inconspicuously conspicuous.

Visual Storytelling

Over the last decade, marketing has shifted from selling products to inspiring customers to be your best sales people with storytelling. Many small businesses are still adapting to this change and what initiated that change: The internet.

Visual Storytelling2020-03-05T12:01:19-06:00

Brand Refresh

Autumn is the season of transition and symbolic for a time of self reflection. As the final leaves fall to the ground and winter turns, our activity also transforms to dormancy. This is a great time for introversion and contemplation in preparation for the renewal that Spring brings.

Brand Refresh2022-01-13T22:03:26-06:00

Design Inspiration

Design inspiration can come from anything: a song, a picture, a vision, a smell, a touch, or a sentiment. When deliberately seeking inspiration for an active project, I often do not find it right away.

Design Inspiration2023-09-08T18:05:15-05:00


Verve is a creative studio located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, serving the Midwest and beyond. We collaborate with business owners, creatives and marketing agencies to help companies define their brand with creative services that produce digital and print marketing results.

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