Lovelution Inc.

Lovelution Inc is a community-led research and development organization combining reparenting with anti-racism work by centering Black, Indigenous & Folx of the Global Majority.

Owner, Jillian “Mama J” Love is an organizational leader and consultant located in Berkeley, California. Her trademarked Intentional Justice strategy uses methodologies and pedagogues that disrupt the status quo, specifically White Dominant Culture practices at work, home, and in everyday life.

The Lovelution Inc logo is inspired by the Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson. It is a famous earth artwork created in 1970 on the northeast shore of the Great Salt Lake. Earth was both the medium and the canvas. Outer space and cosmology were on his mind when creating it. Smithson wanted to reconnect with the environment – hence works like Spiral Jetty, which also reflected his interest in science and geology. To create the 457-meter long spiral, Smithson bulldozed material from the shore into the lake. It is a man-made, artistic creation but unlike most gallery art, it lies horizontal and dwarfs the human spectator, who feels that sense of smallness he or she experiences when in the presence of nature’s beauty, or perhaps contemplating the stars. Most obvious is the symbolism of the sun. It represents life, energy, positivity, clarity, confidence, and spirit.

The spiral represents connectivity with the divine, spiraling from the outer ego (the outside world) into the inner soul (cosmic awareness and enlightenment). The spiral represents the evolution and growth of the spirit. It is a symbol of change and development. In many ancient cultures, the spiral depicts the path that leads the soul to evolve and to get to the knowledge of the absolute: the path of enlightenment. But it is also a “feminine” symbol, which is linked to the generative force of the universe and to the mystery of birth.

Website – What do you feel when you land on the home page? The calmness of the waves. The urge to self reflect and the gravitational pull of the sun and moon grounded in love.


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