Unlocking your creativity requires practice and patience which means that anyone can be creative.

Don’t believe the myth that creative people are born that way so that means I can’t be. Those deemed naturally creative may have some genetic and experiential advantages but all of us are innately creative. As we grow older, our view of the world changes as we learn how the world works. While adapting to our environment, we forget how it feels to be imaginative and therefore don’t give it space. This is where the magic begins to dissipate. But it doesn’t have to.

10 Tips for unlocking your creativity

Unlocking your creativity involves tapping into that creative and imaginative spirit that came more naturally when you were a kid. And just like when you were a kid, giving it space is all about making time for practice, play and exploring the world around you.

  1. Simply begin – Engage in creative activities (i.e. reading, writing, painting, music) and carve out time for them.
  2. Practice – To develop creative skills all it takes is practice. Don’t believe the left brain/right brain myth. Anyone can be creative.
  3. Be open and observant – Openness to the exploration of the inner and outer experience is the personality trait most consistently associated with creativity.
  4. Write down your ideas – Don’t worry if they are good or bad. If you have an idea write it down.
  5. Document experiences and collect things – Inspiration can come from any ordinary thing. Take photos and collect mementos of memorable experiences.
  6. Put the phone down – Phones are great for sharing your creative work but are a huge distraction. Put it down to activate the creative flow.
  7. Be Resourceful – Another myth is that limits and boundaries hinder creativity. Working with what you got may actually force you to get creative.
  8. Nurture creative friendships –  Creative people are naturally intrigued by other creative people. Nurture those friendships and form a creative Megazord. Saving the universe from the unimaginative.
  9. Study your influences – Conformity is a nemesis to creativity but everyone is influenced by someone or something. Studying them may teach you something about yourself and help you discover what makes you unique.
  10. Learn something new – Hamster wheels don’t take you anywhere. Learning new crafts, exploring and reading tons of books from various genres and subjects expands the brain and moves the soul.

It’s never too late to learn. It’s never too late to choose change. Transport back to those moments that you felt that sense of wonder. Reliving that wonder, being imaginative, being creative is exploration and play. Now, go play.

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