It will be 10 years this New Year since I started S2P Studio and so much growth has happened in that time. I have evolved and changed as a person and have also grown and learned so much working in the marketing industry, that I felt it was necessary to refresh and properly demonstrate that growth.

In 2020, I introduce Verve Creative Studio (formerly S2P Studio). I’m still doing what I’ve always done, collaborating to help businesses define their brands but with even more purpose and services to support modern online marketing success.

How are we defined? There are aspects that are undefinable which is what makes Verve Studio unique. Creating content that evokes an emotion requires viewing the world a little bit differently. We flourish in that imaginative world, the space between dream and reality.

How do I define verve? Look no further than the dictionary:

  1. enthusiasm or vigor, as in literary or artistic work; spirit.
  2. vivaciousness; liveliness; animation.
  3. talent.

Verve is vigor, stamina, spunk, gumption, zest, zeal, pep, gusto, vitality, liveliness, sparkle, intensity, passion, moxie, toughness, pizzazz, get-up-and-go, vim, dash, juice. It ain’t my fault I’m out here gettin’ loose! Verve captures the energy, multimedia skills, passion and poise I bring to every collaboration. I’m loving my brand identity transformed and so excited for this new journey…

Got verve? Get it.

W A N N E T T E 


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